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Landscape and design Dubai: Having that much space outdoors and never knowing what to do with it can be one of the most frustrating elements of beautifying your home.

Landscaping and design Dubai: Once you start thinking, the first question you will ask yourself is whether you want to beautify and optimize your outdoor space or merely use it as a storage area?

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landscape and design dubaiWhat are the different alternatives available to you?

Interior design differs greatly from exterior design, and offers substantial benefits.

There are many more things to consider when focusing on exterior design

This includes making it compatible to the lifestyle you’ve chosen, the one you prefer. Working on finding the right design, you can bombard yourself with many possibilities and choices.

But keep in mind the following tips which may be the very thing you need:

Landscape and design Dubai: 6 tips to utilize your outdoor space to fit your lifestyle


1. Landscape and design Dubai: Proper lighting

This is essential to make your outdoors gorgeous. Outdoor lighting emphasizes the theme you’ve chosen for your outdoor space and accentuates your lifestyle. It also helps enhance the design of your patio, including furniture, garden designs, and water and soil (Soft-scape) features. Your unique exterior design can produce more beauty than it already has.

2. Landscape and design Dubai: Lines

Among the most important elements of landscaping design are the lines. This may seem trivial, but plays a major aesthetic role in the way the outdoor space feels and looks.

If you’re generally used to having wide spaces to accommodate your activities, you can enhance your outdoor space by carefully choosing vertical lines. This will make the space seem larger than it actually is.

Curves need great expertise and take more space. Materials that emphasize curve are costlier but can add beauty when aesthetically expressed. There needs to be a balance between curves and straight lines, levels and contours.

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3. Landscape and design Dubai: Structures

landscape and design dubaiChoosing which structures to incorporate in your landscaping design is complicated because of the vast choices available.

So narrow your choices by choosing only what suits your lifestyle. Pools, water bodies, pergolas, gazebos, decks, a gym, outdoor kitchen, bar, outhouse and garden are some of the choices.

Sheds are only some of the structures that can be utilized to meet your aesthetic demands and concerns. These are the easiest to personalize, giving you the feel you’re looking for. Personalizing these structures based on how they will fit your lifestyle will be a breeze.

4. Landscape and design Dubai: Flooring

Choosing what kind of products to use for your outdoor space’s flooring can be a difficult task, depending on the design you’re matching them with. Active lifestyles usually require flooring that are easy to clean, anti-slip and are less likely to look damp. Or they will look filthy at the end of the day.

Inactive lifestyles will pretty much go with any materials provided they look elegant. Flooring can affect the design you’ve gone with, so be very careful in choosing this as well.

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5. Landscape and design Dubai: Plant heights and color themes

These play a great role in expressing a good soft-scape design. Weather it is a hedge, creepers, seasonal plants, tropical, zen , modern, contemporary, classical or desert planting, choosing the correct current and overall height will make a difference.

Choosing the right colors for the plants make the garden soothing and welcoming. Fragrant plants add a natural scent to a garden which you will thoroughly enjoy. Knowing which species survive in this difficult climate is a matter of study and experience.

6. Landscape and design Dubai: Natural sound

Natural sound in a garden is so soothing. It creates a spa like feeling. Placement of the water features; a pool in the correct proportion and size; managing the sound that water can create; building it to match the theme you want; and using the right materials that will enhance the water are all critical.

Lighting that will show the flowing water in the night is an important aspect of design. Water can be very strategic. Not having it in the right place is harmful. As per Feng Shui, in the right place water will bring in prosperity, a good career, wealth and energy flow into your life.

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Keep these 6 tips in mind as you imagine your outdoor space. Discuss your ideas with a landscape architect.

You may have reflected occasionally on the type of life you are living, and the kind of person you are.

landscape and design dubaiA good design must reflect this. Just because something looks appealing doesn’t mean it will fit your life style needs.

Conceptualizing the design of your backyard doesn’t seem so important perhaps because you are not clear about the impact it will have on you.

Embarking on a design journey to landscape your outdoor space can be a fascinating venture. You will discover that designing your own landscape can be a fun and soothing experience for you. You may even want to involve your family or friends.

Having a landscaped garden, whether it is spacious or not, will give you a fresh and calm feeling when you wake up in the morning. And a relaxing and unwinding feeling after an entire day of work. Apart from looking elegant and beautiful.


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