Landscaping Dubai | Our Services

1.    Landscape Design and Build :

Starting with any theme, from Japanese, Classical, Modern to Tropical, English, Balinese, we will help to translate your ideas into breathtaking reality: a natural collage of greens and browns, pebbles, bamboo and free-flowing, gurgling water.

  • Constructions: All types of civil works to build ground construction like driver’s rooms, Outdoor Kitchens, Gym Rooms, Entertainment rooms, Toilets, MEP works.
  • Pathways and Driveways : Many styles of pathways in Granite, stone, Slates, brick, wood, logs and pebbles,
  • Swimming pool:  Overflow, skimmer or Infinity- Concrete Pools
  • Water features, Jacuzzi, ponds
  • Seating: All types of seating in stone, brick, wood with outdoor weather  proof fabric upholstery  and cushions
  • Terrace gardens: Innovative designs for Balconies and terrace gardens
  • Lighting: All kinds of LED  lighting works for enhancing the landscape
  • Softscape: Supply of outdoor plants and softscape design, Irrigation
  • Wood Works: All types of gazebos, pergolas, trellises, outdoor, Outdoor Wooden decking from Iroko wood ,bridges and  swings.
  • Vertical gardens

2.    Interior Design and Build

We offer innovative, Functional, practical, cost-effective design solutions. We will create a superb theme for your home or office space, adding life, charm and grace to your interior spaces.

We provide the following services:

  • Demolition and restructuring of existing walls
  • Structural alterations
  • Gypsum/ Glass Partitions
  • Flooring solutions: Tiling, wooden flooring, carpets
  • Ceiling enhancements
  • Wall enhancements: stone claddings, wall papers, paints, wooden paneling.
  • Soft furnishings, Upholstery, and Curtains
  • Lighting and Electrical alterations
  • MEP services
  • Accessories for Interior Enhancement: Decorative floral pieces, artifacts, murals and paintings

3.    Carpentry:

  • Customized furniture :  Make wardrobes, beds, vanity counters, studies, shelving systems, storages
  • Suggest read made furniture like sofas, chairs, dining tables etc to fit into your space with perfect planning.

4.    Aluminum and Glass works :

  • Doors and windows

5.    Paintings & Murals

Paintings and murals bring life to interior spaces. We conceptualize customized paintings, murals, wall-pieces and artifacts to synchronize with the theme, color and lighting

6.    Artificial Flower and plant arranging

  • Artistic natural looking artificial flower arranging

We consider all aspects of decoration from lighting to place settings. This minute attention to detail differentiates us from a typical florist.

Each creation is customized to match the design brief, color scheme and ambience and comes in its own unique container.

Artificial flowers offer an elegant alternative to fresh flowers. You will appreciate our stunning creations that appear so breathtakingly real.

  • Supply of indoor artificial plants and planters for homes, offices, hotels and restaurants
  • Indoor gardens to enhance offices, make restaurants green and lively.