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Ian & Paula Darcy, Jumeirah Park

When my husband and I purchased a property in Jumeirah Park we had to make a decision about who we would contract to landscape the 8,000 sqft plot. We obtained a number of quotes however were particularly impressed with Sejal from Milestone for a number of reasons. Firstly, she spent the time at our house to look inside and see how our style could be reflected in the garden. She was comfortable taking some initial ideas/requirements we had with regard to garden layout. As sportspeople, we were also impressed with her background as a competitive table-tennis player as we can imagine the kind of dedication and discipline it would take to succeed to that level. And finally she was obviously very passionate about design and had some fantastic ideas and enhancements to suggest.

Sejal warned us that the approvals process would not be fast in Nakheel Properties and she was correct, however we understood that she and her team put a lot of time and effort into following up the process and ensuring that paperwork kept moving.

Once the workers arrived on site we were very happy with the courtesy and attitude. Definitely they faced some challenges, as there were some elements to our design that they had not worked with before, however they always did whatever it took to ensure the result was what we expected. We were particularly impressed that they never left piles of sand, building materials, or rubbish on the driveway; if something was delivered to the house it was moved into the property that same day. We have seen many houses around our area that have had their driveways blocked for days or weeks with building materials. Our pergolas are a little different to many that we have seen and are definitely a highlight in the garden. We also had some old railway sleepers that Sejal was able to create seats and features out of, as well as building a stunning dining table based on some very broad requirements that we had. We were very happy with the lighting and glad that we had decided to go with as much as possible. We have plenty of irrigation and have had no problem keeping the grass green and growing from the day it was laid. The deep gardens and planter boxes are well planted and we are looking forward to seeing them flourish over the coming months and years.

We would definitely recommend Milestone to anyone who is looking for a unique and personal design with a high quality finish.

Ravi and Parveen Mali, Jumeirah Park

“…We decided to work with Milestone after evaluating so many other landscaping companies in Dubai. We contacted Sejal over her website and during the meeting she made us really comfortable due to her knowledge and focus on details. We got all our answers including responsibility to get approvals from Nakheel and Trakhees. The proposed design was fantastic and the milestones professional team worked in unison to bring the concept into reality that was well co-ordinated with no delays. Brilliant job concluded as promised and looks even better than what the drawings could describe.

Sejal you’re a landscaping magician! Your magic wand has in reality created a garden that we’re extremely proud of and hope to enjoy it as it grows. U’ve been a thorough professional who we are happy to now know as a friend.

In these 3 months there has been no stress no issues with neither the work nor the workers. You should be really proud of your employees. And I want to say a genuine thank you for giving us a beautiful garden.”

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Jeremy and Tatiana Rowson – La Collection Mirador, Arabian Ranches

“…We took over a villa at Arabian Ranches where the existing garden had died and needed completely replacing. We preselected some leading landscaping companies and had initial conversations about how to create a new garden. Right from the start we were impressed by Sejal’s creativity, knowledge, experience and responsiveness. Also, we appreciated the personal interest she took in our project.

Designing the garden with Sejal was a pleasure as she listened carefully to our requirements and then proposed a number of options, adding and suggesting some good ideas of her own.

Once the final design was agreed, Milestone managed the Emaar approval process and soon mobilised on site. The Milestone team worked quickly and efficiently and were flexible when it came to making minor alterations as the project continued. During this time Sejal continued to be actively involved in the execution of the work and gave regular updates on progress.

When the project was completed we were very happy with our new garden and were glad that we had listened to the sound advice and guidance that Sejal had given us during the design stage.

We would be happy to recommend Milestone to anyone that wants to work closely with their garden designer and landscaper to produce a new and beautiful garden.

Sajith Ansar , Founder – Ideaspice Design LLC

“…Sejal truly has green fingers. Every morning I wake up and looks into a garden that manages to make me smile and relax.  Sejal and Milestone transformed the patch of brown around my house in a few days into an oasis. She spent time understanding our taste and vibe we wanted and advised on the right plants to achieve the same.

Careful consideration was taken about the future management of the garden and a Practical solution was found. An automatic irrigation system and an amazing lighting system helped transform the place. Today, the garden is the central element of our house and we love it so much that we didn’t even put up the curtains!

I stongly recommend the services of Sejal to anyone who wants to transform their space into a piece of paradise.  Thank you Sejal and Milestone..”

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Renu Sharma -The Villa , Dubailand  Dubai

“…In April 2011, we moved into our property in Dubai.  We weren’t looking forward to this move for all the same reasons many of us do, getting out of our comfort zones, the physical move etc  not an easy task,   above all  an overwhelming fact that we have a decent sized outdoor sandpit to cover made the move more daunting .  I and my husband sat down and listed jobs needed around the house and landscaping was top on our priority.

From the very start, I knew exactly what I wanted.  A nice peaceful seating deck where I could sit down with a cup of tea, some benches around the garden , spot gardens providing a Zen feel , adequate  lights and an area for my dogs. Overall, an aesthetically done tranquil place to unwind at the end of a long tired working day.  Knowing what you want is the easy part.

Finding a professional company who could execute was the real challenge. So we started looking around and had meetings with a few companies, however always returned dis-satisfied of their ability to deliver our requirements.  Communicating what you want and expecting a landscape company to deliver is not as easy as one thinks.   

 It was then, I bumped into Milestone Landscaping, owned by Sejal and Rajesh Nagjee while surfing the websites,  I read some of the testimonials which were encouraging. Thereafter, I set a meeting. From day one, Sejal was extremely professional and she heard us out patiently asking the right questions.  She was very comforting in a way and put my mind to ease every time I spoke to her.  She showed us many pictures of her work unlike some others who show pictures of others work, websites etc , we visited her office and selected tiles, slates, samples.  I and my husband generally disagree on many things like all couples do but were surely aligned on this decision  If anyone could deliver , it was her. We felt the connection.

 We hadn’t even moved into our villa and the work had started as promised. We would drive past daily and see the garden taking shape. There were occasions where I did not like some things and Sejal would patiently listen  and provide suggestions /alternatives.  Sejal went through the hardscape and softscape planning item by item , explaining what is required and why in a manner that put our minds totally at ease.  Some of her suggestions, like covering/replacing the manholes which we initially hesitated, looking back today are probably some of the best decisions taken.  Plants were carefully selected together keeping in mind our theme.  We found Sejal’s staff to be totally reliable, punctual and professional from day one, they were meticulous in every single detail and the garden was handed over to us as promised.  The project once completed exceeded our expectations.   Today we have people stop by and praise the garden. Well, this would not have been possible without Sejal and her Milestone Group.

 They do everything they say they are going to do and are only pleased when you are pleased. They went above and beyond to ensure our happiness with the project’s finest details and made the end result something we will enjoy for years to come…”

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Tejinder S. Sodhi – Saheel 4

“… It gives us immense pleasure to mention that entire work on our garden renovation project was handled in an utmost professional manner. Right from our first meeting when you explained your creative renovation through to selection of various materials, presentation of drawing and execution on site was a wonderful experience. 

You were flexible and open to suggestions for any small charges during execution of works. Overall it is a well planned, well executed and well commissioned project. Thanks…”

Faheem – Zaafran, Burj Dubai

“…Demonstrated strong category experience and knowledge (hands-on, solutions based), Responded to Client brief and associated nuances (can do attitude), Competitive pricing. Which in the decision making process lead to trust and confidence…”

Karan, Hattan 3 – 28.11.09

“…We were introduced to Milestone in 2007 during our quest for a suitable landscape company for our villa in the Lakes. We were absolutely delighted with the various ideas that they would consistently come up with as they were not only unique but were singularly driven with the objective of enhancing our lifestyle and living experience once we shifted into our home.

Indeed it is very important for any creative firm that conceptualizes, puts in effort and is dedicated to conceive and implement such projects, to have an abundance of passion. We can state that Rajesh and Sejal are blessed with unlimited passion and approach every project as if they were undertaking work on their own premises.  The final product was simply spectacular and has exceeded all our expectations for landscape and the interiors. We experience immense joy on a daily basis whilst living in our home.

Post the completion of the project, even though it has been almost 2 years, we have never been disappointed or felt let down in terms of the response to any of our requests for any defect rectification. Their ability to remain committed to enhancing the Clients experience even after the primary work is completed is noteworthy. We wish Milestone every success and recommend them to every prospective homeowner…”

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Mr. and Mrs. Raed Hassan – 12.6.2010

“…A couple of months ago, my husband and I bought a new house in the Villa , it’s a beautiful house with a big  garden , but at that time you couldn’t call it a garden actually it was just a pile of sand and rocks. I checked a couple of landscaping companies until I met up Milestone Contracting CEO, Mrs. Sejal. With her words, I was able to imagine what this dull place would be transformed to. She explained every detail in such a logical and professional way and granted every wish we had in mind.

After discussing everything and signing the contract, I had full trust in her and her work.

Day by day my husband and I would pass by the house and see wonderful progress with no flaws. Her workers were so kind and honest and finished their job right on the spot. We would set up meetings with Mrs. Sejal and she would explain to us all that was going on and show us samples of what things would look like. She never did something we didn’t agree on or that didn’t please us, she lead us step by step and asked for our OKs before starting anything. Almost a month later our garden was transformed into paradise. We had a beautiful, exotic water feature that I would’ve never imagined having in my backyard, a luxurious barbeque with amazing designs around it and beautiful pathways and steps that gave my garden so much life.

Working with milestone didn’t only grant me a marvelous garden but it also granted me an amazing friendship built on kindness and understanding. It wasn’t only the work, because any other company could’ve done the work but it was the way the work was done and the way Mrs. Sejal worked with us that made it special.

It was a great pleasure working with Milestone and I highly recommend everyone who is struggling to find a designing company because Milestone is not just a landscaping company, it is a company that designs your house from the inside and outside.

I couldn’t have asked for a better garden, big thanks to Milestone and a bigger thanks to Mrs. Sejal because if it wasn’t for her none of this would’ve happened…” 

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Molly and Cherif Sleiman

“…A year ago, our backyard was a heap of sand and rock.  Now, it is truly a relaxing paradise, where our family can swim, barbecue and have fun.  Throughout the project, Rajesh, Sejal and their employees were friendly, approachable and accommodating.  Together, they complement one another nicely as Rajesh oversees the construction and Sejal manages the artistic side of the business.  The end result for the client is truly impressive.  You receive quality craftsmanship beautifully designed.

For me, the best part of working with Milestone was the fact that our design and plan was malleable.  What you initially envision for your backyard changes over time as the project begins to unfold in front of you.  It was invaluable for us to have the flexibility to mold our plan and design as we saw it come to life.  Rajesh and Sejal were very patient and pleasant in dealing with us throughout this process.  I would highly recommend Milestone to anyone and would invite you to see our backyard.  It will completely validate this well-deserved testimonial...”

Rod Ellen

Compliance officer, MLRO and Company Secretary


21 January 2010

“…I am very pleased with the service that Milestone provided to me. They planned and executed the project of installing my garden very efficiently and they provided useful ideas that helped improve the design. Their staff executed the project without disrupting my household and were most courteous.

I would not hesitate to make use of their excellent services again…”

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Shapoor M Bhathela

General Manager

AJMAL Perfumes


“…We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our heart, for the excellent landscaping job you have executed at our Villa. As you all are aware that the earlier contractor had left us in a lurch, hence to redo the same was a challenge by itself ,which you did it to perfection.

Since the first day when we met in your offices, and without even visiting the site, Sejal sketched out a beautiful plan, at that particular point we were fully convinced that we have arrived at the right place. After that the way you have gone about executing the work not only professionally, but with deep personal interest and involvement is indeed worth applauding.

Your suggestion, recommendation , on plants, stones, materials are indeed appreciated, as you did not have a very large budget to work onto. Overall  Nilufer and myself are deeply satisfied with the job done by MILESTONE, and will emphatically recommend your organization to our business associates.

T H A N K    Y O U    O N C E    A G A I N…”

Shruti and Promit

“…Thank you for helping us with design of our water feature and pond. We worked as a team, designing, choosing materials and implementing it. You have done a fantastic job! You have a very artistic, hard working and courteous team. I am enjoying my morning coffee beside my pond and my evening tea by my water feature. Hope you create many more beautiful gardens, making our homes green...”

Ms. Haya Kablawi – Arabaian Ranches, Dubai UAE

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